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Cover of Book Magic

The third edition of the bestselling Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors is indispensable for every emerging writer who dreams of publication in print or electronically. In response to the surge in e-books, this bestselling edition presents an enlarged and revised chapter, "Electronic Sorcery," to guide you in getting published in this new medium, whether you want to do it yourself or go with a commercial e-publisher.

  Easy-to-read and practical, Book Magic provides all the information you need to understand the publishing industry and details the spells and magic bullets you need to get your manuscript accepted.

  If self-publishing is for you, the book shows independent authors how to choose the best of three options for your title. The world of electronic publication is fully updated for those who wish to format and upload their books so they can be read on e-readers and Smartphones. (Digital version only)


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Cover of Crafting Irresistible Query Letters
Cover of Writing with Power!!

Crafting Irresistible Query Letters that Result in Publication! (3rd ed 2010) is for writers of magazine articles, non-fiction books, or novels who want to write query letters to editors/agents that generate excitement and result in an invitation to submit more material.

  Using a variety of annotated examples, resources, and a unique questionnaire, this 84 page book covers the essential ingredients of an effective query, finding the "marketing slant" for your work-in-progress, how to grab and hold an editor's attention, and the art of electronic querying.

  Tips and secrets include: query packages, editing, and how to do follow-ups. Crafting Irresistible Queries will improve your acceptance rate immediately....                       
​(Paperback is saddle-stitched)


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Proven in dozens of live workshops for all levels of writers, Writing with Power: a Creative Approach that Gets You Published is a simple, foolproof method that rapidly improves your writing and increases your acceptance rate.

  Everyone can write well - it is a learnable process based on proven principles. You can write well too, if you separate the creative process from the mechanics. Sadly most of us are not taught to write this way.

  Learn how to warm-up your brain, get your creative juices flowing, banish boring beginnings, ramp-up your use of power words,  and quickly develop outlines.  Order Writing with Power!! now and revitalize your written word immediately.

(Paperback is saddle-stitched)


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