Owned and operated by Julie H. Ferguson, BLS has assisted hundreds of aspiring authors on the journey to successful publication of their articles and books since 1997. 

Canadian writers are drowning in a sea of American advice that often doesn't apply to the publishing world north of the 49th parallel. We don't need literary agents to approach any Canadian publishing house; we are more likely to get our work published here thanks to government grants; and we have less competition. Now, that feels better, doesn't it?


Julie H. Ferguson of Beacon Literary Services; writing and publishing  Photo: Jerald Walliser Photography

BLS works with writers, teaching you how to research likely publishers, and prepare and write your nonfiction proposals, fiction synopses, query letters, bios, cover letters, and promotional material. If you choose to self-publish, electronically or print, BLS takes you through the options and helps you choose the best one for your project, recommending proven cover designers, editors, formatters, and printers.

Clients can make the journey reading books, attending workshops, conferences, and critique groups, or using one-on-one coaching. Whichever road you travel, BLS will be with you every step of the way.

Julie H. Ferguson
Penticton, BC

Five members of Port Moody's Writers' Group, 2008; writing and publishing
Coaching towards publication (c) Alison Bate 2011 (writing and publishing)
writing and publishing with critique and revision.  (c) Julie H. Ferguson 2012

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