"Julie always willingly shares her endless knowledge and expertise..."
"Julie has the skill and dexterity to coach...and she is a joy to work with."
"I cannot thank you enough for the information and encouragement you shared so generously."

 Coaching Towards Publication

Julie H. Ferguson at a Blue Pencil Cafe (SiWC)





Publishing and promotion is a complex world, full of insider rules and financial constraints which, if not respected, cause good books to wither on many a hard-drive and writers and speakers to question their calling. Don't let it happen to you!

Beacon Literary Services believes writers and speakers need practical assistance, current information, and support throughout their journeys to success.

Julie H. Ferguson has been demystifying the publishing process for clients since 1999. Her coaching and presentations have enabled many (75% of BLS clients) to realize their dream of commercial or self-publication, in both print and electronically. Her honest one-on-one coaching provides aspiring authors with all the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed with commercial publishers or to self-publish high quality books.

BLS offers select clients an experienced expert on their team who clarifies the process, reduces anxiety, saves time, and significantly ramps-up the chances of successful publication.

For out-of-town clients, I use Skype for our meetings - it is a wonderful way to have face-to-face sessions at no cost. Many of my clients have also preferred Skyping to phone calls and emails because we can see each other. My Skype name is Juliehf5.

Whether you simply want an objective eye on your query letter or you want a professional coach to walk beside you throughout the publishing journey, BLS can provide the expertise for: 











































Satisfied clients include: 

September 2016, Karen Kristjanson, co-parenting expert
Dundurn Press in Toronto published Karen's Co-Parenting from the Inside Out in December 2017.
An all-round coach:

In helping me with my non-fiction proposal, Julie took the role, at different times, of clear-eyed adviser, "You need to include the answers to these question)"; cheerleader, "You're nearly there!"; reviser, "I've tightened up some parts"; and a dependable companion who loaned me her own successful proposal to show me what I was facing. When we started working together, I had already read two books on how to write non-fiction book pro-posals, yet my first draft was insubstantial and lacking many key pieces of information. She is kind, tough, knowledgeable and focused. I can truly say the finished product is very different than what my best solo efforts produced. I feel great confidence in sending this proposal to publishers, and have already received compliments on it. Thanks, Julie!

August 2016: Julie's extensive experience as a published writer and facilitator of writers' groups makes her a dynamite coach for writers moving towards publication. She knows what's important and what's not, and gives guidance on structure as well as content. Her enthusiasm and commitment to get things right keep writers focused and moving ahead.
January 2016, Anyes Pourtaghi, writer and amateur photographer

. The meeting [with you] got me so pumped up and relieved at the same time. 

. I'm excited to see that my need to keep writing and photography as my creative tandem is valid. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

August 2015, participants in one of the two Port Moody's writers' groups:

. You have been most helpful and supportive of all writers.

. Thanks to you, Julie, for always willingly sharing your endless knowledge and expertise. I cannot measure how much I've learned from you and everyone in this very special group


March 2014, Paula Lyons, chef:

Julie was certainly a guiding light and map to me as I navigated my way through a minefield of unknown territory while writing my first query letter.


December 2011, Kathy Lynn, Parenting Today and author of two books on child rearing:

I presented Julie with a challenging project this year and she more than rose to the challenge. I would heartily recommend her services. When you are in Julie’s capable hands you can relax and know that you will receive professional and accurate results.


April/May 2009, , author of How I Lost 3 lbs in 30 Years of Dieting:
Thanks to your wonderful coaching, [my first mini-read] is ready.... I cannot thank you enough for the information and encouragement you shared so generously. I have a new writing career blossoming.  +You are a real treasure to me....
Joei Carlton-Hossack

February 2009, Don Cochrane, co-author of The Autumn Ring:

For the past number of years, as a result of workshops and other projects, I have come to rely on Beacon Literary Services. Julie Ferguson, in my opinion, is one of the top literary resource people in the province of British Columbia. When my co-author and I had completed the manuscript for our new book, The Autumn Ring, I contacted Julie and asked for recommendations for an editor and a printer. Julie was kind enough to suggest her own editor (Joyce Gram) and short run printer (Printorium), and told me to use her name.... This kind of knowledge and friendliness in someone with such a wide access to all aspects of writing and publishing, including self-publication and  glossy family books, was invaluable. Julie is a resource I would strongly recommend for anyone at any stage in writing.


November 2008, Eileen Reppenhagen, CGA and professional speaker:
Julie Ferguson has worked with me to polish my bio, various articles and other writing. I value her precise careful review of my writing more than she will ever realize. I recommend her highly if you are serious about polished presentations. Julie is a consummate professional.


September 2008 and April 2008: Doug Matthews, author, Special Event Production: The Process and Special Event Production: The Resources, both Elsevier 2007:
... it's great to finally be recognized as an author. Got my first royalty cheque today.... Very nice!! It all started with you
Thanks so much for the...VERY useful changes [to the proposal for my latest book].

(See more testimonials below)


February 2005: Shirley Walker, author of From Sailing Ships to Spitfires, Borealis Press (December 2005):     
When the publisher at Borealis read my query on a Saturday last fall, he phoned me Saturday night and asked for my manuscript. He said he "loved' it..... I worked very hard over my manuscript and my query.  I attended two of your workshops, enjoyed several one-on-one coaching sessions, and also used your book,
Crafting Irresistible Queries. I agree with you whole-heartedly...you can't spend too much time on your query. I found your workshops, coaching, and book very helpful.


February 2005: the Rev.
Thank you for your recent work on our history for the day of the Heritage Society Tour...The combination of photographs and text is laid out in a very inviting way; in fact the whole document far exceeds the hopes and expectations I had.... I am deeply grateful for...the quality of the finished product and the prompt and timely response to my request.Dr. Catherine Hall, Rector, St. John the Apostle Anglican Church, Port Moody, BC:


October 2004: Doug Matthews, author of How to Create Fantasies and Win Accolades: a Practical Guide to Planning Special Events (self-pubbed):
...the tremendous support you have given me...in bringing my first book project to fruition. Your advice has been right on the money. [My book] has gone through two reprints...has been well received in its market across Canada and is doing admirably well on Amazon. ...I thank you for your time, dedication and positive encouragement.


July 2002: Kathy Lynn, Parenting Today, author of Who's in Charge Anyway? and But Nobody Told Me I'd Ever Have to Leave Home (both Whitecap):

Julie helped me to understand my book contract and protect my interests without damaging my relationship with the publisher.  With the knowledge she gave me I was in control of my book. It was a great experience!



...from inspiration to publication!™
  • deciding between commercial or self-publishing, print and/or electronic

  • finding your book's marketing slant

  • choosing whether or not to approach agents

  • researching potential publishers and acquisition editors

  • selecting one of the 3 methods of self-publishing

  • perfecting your query letter/proposal/synopsis/cover letters

  • formatting and submitting your ms

  • managing your submissions

  • applying for ISBNs, Canadian CIP data, and registering your copyright

  • the production phase

  • the promotional phase

  • Bios - long and short

  • Publishers' catalogue blurbs

  • Press releases

  • Presentation/keynote descriptors

  • Directory entries

  • Introductions

  • Book flyers

... BLS does not edit or evaluate full manuscripts ...

For these, BLS recommends Joyce Gram.

Joyce is absolutely the BEST editor!