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I write for writers in print and online magazines, so you can access the information you need on your journey to publication and stay current in a constantly changing publishing world. I hope you find the articles valuable in furthering your writing career.


​I write on other topics too: travel, naval history, and BC history, to name a few, and occasionally others write about me. Most of the articles below are available as .pdf files. Other articles may be still under licence on ezines and websites or on my blog, so the links will take you to them. 

If you want to use the articles for your newsletters, etc., that's okay too, but please use the whole article and credit it like this: © Julie H. Ferguson [year] plus the URL. Thanks!​​


From one happy reader: It crossed my mind to search the Internet for book mission statements and I found your "My Book is About...." article. It was precisely what I was looking for and helped to clarify the way I should be writing the introduction.... Paul Manley, November 2011


 My travel articles can be seen here




         *  Two author interviews with Robert Mackay:



         * "The Energetic and Informed Julie H. Ferguson," an interview with Susan Smith-Josephy
             of The Past is Present, June 2013.


        *   "Snippets from the Write on Bowen Festival 2010" by Alison Bate 

        *   "Traditional Writing Goes the Way of the Dodo" by Sonu Purhar, My 
              Westworld (BCAA magazine), May 2009 (online only)​.                                                      

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