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African Penguin © Photos by Pharos 2011
Canada's first submarines, CC1 and CC2  (c) National Archives
Rosamund, van Leeuwen  with Janey. © Photos by Pharos 2010
The author onboard HMS Unseen durning the Canadian acquisition of the Victoria class submarines. © BAE Systems

I have been writing successfully since 1971. My work has appeared in local, national, and international magazines, as well as online, with articles as diverse as skiing for the disabled and writing, Canadian submarines and llama trekking.


In early 2011, I earned my membership in the Travel Media Association of Canada. I am also the author of four non-fiction books on Canadian history and twenty-eight other books. I often add value to my articles with photos and videos.


Here are a few of my articles that are not for travel markets.


See my full publication list here .... and my travel articles here.



A few of my published articles include:


Canada’s Most Decorated Submariner, print only, Warships IFR, March 2020 (4 images)

Brave Charioteers who Rode to War Under the Sea, print only, Warships IFR, April 2019 (4 images)


WW1 Hero for whom the Bell Still Tolls, print only, Warships IFR, November 2018 (2 images)


Remarkable Young Officer Who Scored Some RCN ‘Firsts’, print only, Warships IFR, June 2018 (2 images)


In early 2017, Thrive Beyond 55 asked me to write a series of ten to twelve posts on "Early Widowhood" for them. The first few can be accessed here, in reverse order


Celebrating the Centenary of Canada’s Submarine Service, Canadian Defence Review, 37-42, August 2014. Print only. Access PDF file here


It's No Accident: The New Canadian War Museum, print and online in Senior Living, April 2014. (5 images) 


Port Moody's Writers' Groups: An Astonishing Record of Success, online at, November 2012


Looking for Trouble: Anthony Dalton, Adventurer and Author, print and online, Senior Living, January 2012


From Obscurity into the Limelight: Branding for Writers, Federation of BC Writers’ WordWorks, Spring 2011, print only 


From Obscurity into the Limelight: Publicity for 21st Century Writers, Federation of BC Writers’ WordWorks, Spring 2011, print here.


Ordinary yet Extraordinary, a profile of Rosamund van Leeuwen, and online, Senior Living, November 2010.

From Typewriters to Multi-media: Freelance Writing in the 21st Century, Surrey Arts Council's magazine, Spotlight, October 2010, and online here


Book review: The Naval Service of Canada 1910-2010: The Centennial Story for the Canadian Book Review Annual

McBride's NavyKNOWBC, February 2010. (Guest blogger for KnowBC, Encyclopedia of BC)


Celebrating the Birth of BC: Douglas Day 2009Travel Thru History, December 2009

Pitching Professionally: How to Captivate Editors and Agents with Your Nonfiction Book Idea, WordWorks, Fall 2006, print only

Five Proven Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Published, Writers' Gazette, 2001

Canada's Submarine Heritage, Vanguard magazine, Spring 2001

Literary Agents: Are They Essential for the Canadian Writer? Inkspot, April 2000

And many more — see my Publication List here


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