My Photo Portfolios

Since buying my first dSLR, I have travelled extensively and recorded my adventures and explorations in thirty-eight portfolios. Some of them are featured below. 


Haiku in Black and White showcases some of my best black and white photography. Each image is accompanied by a haiku, a three-line Japanese poem that usually has a metaphor to do with nature embedded in it. Mine break some of those rules to improve the rhythm, emphasis and tone.


This portfolio records my three-week safari through Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe with a small group. I stayed in wonderful lodges in or near the national parks and twice in bush camps while journeying by land, river, and air. The Namibean Desert astonished me, and I saw my first leopard in the wild. Highlights include seeing three lionesses with six cubs resting in the heat and over 1000 elephant in Hwange NP.



After a month in India, I flew to the UAE and spent eight days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The culture shock was huge and I revelled in the cleanliness and order of the country. I spent time in the desert outside Dubai, as well as in the two cities. The highlight was an afternoon in the world-famous, modern Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Every corner I turned during the week revealed another photo op!


India 2018 cover.JPG


I spent three weeks exploring Rajasthan last November after arriving in Delhi during Diwali. Everywhere the faces and colour captivated me and my camera. But the highlight was three days at the Pushkar Camel Fair that takes place when the moon is full. This is also the story of forts, palaces, and temples, as well as rural life.



This was the year I moved from Vancouver to Penticton in BC's wine country. This photo journey into my new home covers the vineyards, orchards and small towns in the Okanagan Valley, which is semi-arid and desert-like in the south. I had a new Nikon D500 and delighted in the discoveries of so many photographic opportunities close by.


Morocco cover.jpeg
My travels in April 2017 returned to Africa. I explored Morocco from north to south, east to west in a photographic extravaganza that lasted a month. I marvelled at the Imperial cities, the vast mountains, the Sahara, and the medinas. I also stayed in a traditional riad or guesthouse in Fes for a week and took a full-day cooking school. This is the photo journal of my experiences.
Hebrides cover.jpeg


The Scottish Hebrides 2014


This portfolio follows my exploration of the Inner and Outer Hebrides off Scotland's northwest coast. I travelled by land, sea and air from Arran in the south to Lewis in the north. One of many highlights was a week's cruise on a converted trawler that visited Mull, Staffa, and Iona, and included a wildlife safari too. Another was landing on the beach at Barra in the Outer Hebrides.

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