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Julie H. Ferguson is not only a successful author of four books on Canadian history and 15 others, she is also an accomplished writing instructor and professional speaker. Since Dundurn Press published her first book, Through a Canadian Periscope in 1995, she has been in demand, especially for writers' conferences and other events for writers around the Pacific Northwest. She specializes in publication and promotion.

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Julie delivers customized, lively keynotes and workshops. Here's a few:

How to Raise Your Online Presence: Building Visibility and Your Tribe Before Publication

All Aboard the Electronic Express! How to Self-publish and Sell your Ebooks

Acquisition editors expect statistics from your online activities when considering your work for publication; so do you if you are self-publishing. Active engagement, not selling, is the key to a successful social media presence that develops a tribe of loyal followers willing to buy your work. Julie explores how writers' branding, websites, blogs, Facebook biz pages, Twitter, and Goodreads, etc., help build trust and visibility. This session shows you how to get started and how to achieve success in sales over the long term.

  Half-day session

Since 2008, e-books have seen an explosion in demand. Emerging and established authors are often unsure if their project is suitable for an ebook or how to publish in this new format. Discover your options with an author who has done it all. Julie will demystify the technology and get you started, as well as show you how to master the nuts and bolts of preparing manuscripts for publishing services like Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing. She will also discuss strategies for successful ebook promotion . 

   Half- or full-day session

Travel Writing is Not
All You Do!

Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors

A lively presentation for writers thinking about a career in travel writing that covers the essentials of getting started, the pros and cons, and what skills you need to gain or improve to succeed. Text is not enough today, so join Julie to discover what is in her "Go Bag" when she travels on assignment and how she adds value to any kind of article that editors and readers cannot resist. 

  Half-day or 2 hour session

Book Magic is indispensable for every writer who dreams of publication in print or electronically by providing current information about the publishing industry and delivering the magic bullets you need to get your manuscript accepted by a commercial publisher. If self-publishing is for you, learn how to choose the best options for your project. The world of electronic publication is explored for those who wish to format and upload their books.  

   Half- and full-day sessions

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Pitching in a Cold Climate

How to Craft Irresistible Query Letters that Result in Publication

Marketing Out Loud

Brainstorming Brilliant Bios

Create and Publish Stunning Family Books, Travel
Memoirs, Histories, etc!

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